Coca cola 1 litre - 1 L

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Codi de barres: 5449000054227 (EAN / EAN-13)

Quantitat: 1 L

Empaquetament: en:Plastic, PE, HDPE, PET, en:Bottle, fr:Bouchon en plastique, it:bottiglia pet, pt:Pet-bottle, pt:Pp-lid, pt:Stück

Marques: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company

Categories: Begudes, Begudes carbonatades, Refrescs, Begudes sense alcohol, Cola, Begudes ensucrades, pt:Refrigerante de Extratos Vegetais, pt:Refrigerantes

Etiquetes, certificacions, premis: Punt verd, Ecoponto amarelo, pt:ponto-amarelo

Llocs de fabricació o processament: Suisse

Botigues: Carrefour, Magasins U, Bim, ICA,

Països on es va vendre: Algèria, Àustria, Bèlgica, Bulgària, Camerun, França, Alemanya, Itàlia, Marroc, Portugal, Illa de la Reunió, Sèrbia, Espanya, Suècia, Suïssa, Turquia, Ucraïna, Regne Unit

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    9 ingredients

    Anglès: water, fructose - glucose syrup, carbon dioxide, colorant: e150d, acid: phosphoric acid, natural flavourings (including caffeine)

Food processing

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    Ultra processed foods

    Elements that indicate the product is in the 4 - Aliments i begudes ultraprocessats group:

    • Additiu: E150d
    • Additiu: E290 - Diòxid de carboni
    • Ingredient: Color
    • Ingredient: Aromes
    • Ingredient: Glucosa

    Food products are classified into 4 groups according to their degree of processing:

    1. Aliments no processats o mínimament processats
    2. Ingredients culinaris processats
    3. Aliments processats
    4. Ultra processed foods

    The determination of the group is based on the category of the product and on the ingredients it contains.

    Learn more about the NOVA classification


  • E290 - Diòxid de carboni

    Carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide -chemical formula CO2- is a colorless gas with a density about 60% higher than that of dry air. Carbon dioxide consists of a carbon atom covalently double bonded to two oxygen atoms. It occurs naturally in Earth's atmosphere as a trace gas. The current concentration is about 0.04% -410 ppm- by volume, having risen from pre-industrial levels of 280 ppm. Natural sources include volcanoes, hot springs and geysers, and it is freed from carbonate rocks by dissolution in water and acids. Because carbon dioxide is soluble in water, it occurs naturally in groundwater, rivers and lakes, ice caps, glaciers and seawater. It is present in deposits of petroleum and natural gas. Carbon dioxide is odorless at normally encountered concentrations, however, at high concentrations, it has a sharp and acidic odor.As the source of available carbon in the carbon cycle, atmospheric carbon dioxide is the primary carbon source for life on Earth and its concentration in Earth's pre-industrial atmosphere since late in the Precambrian has been regulated by photosynthetic organisms and geological phenomena. Plants, algae and cyanobacteria use light energy to photosynthesize carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water, with oxygen produced as a waste product.CO2 is produced by all aerobic organisms when they metabolize carbohydrates and lipids to produce energy by respiration. It is returned to water via the gills of fish and to the air via the lungs of air-breathing land animals, including humans. Carbon dioxide is produced during the processes of decay of organic materials and the fermentation of sugars in bread, beer and wine making. It is produced by combustion of wood and other organic materials and fossil fuels such as coal, peat, petroleum and natural gas. It is an unwanted byproduct in many large scale oxidation processes, for example, in the production of acrylic acid -over 5 million tons/year-.It is a versatile industrial material, used, for example, as an inert gas in welding and fire extinguishers, as a pressurizing gas in air guns and oil recovery, as a chemical feedstock and as a supercritical fluid solvent in decaffeination of coffee and supercritical drying. It is added to drinking water and carbonated beverages including beer and sparkling wine to add effervescence. The frozen solid form of CO2, known as dry ice is used as a refrigerant and as an abrasive in dry-ice blasting. Carbon dioxide is the most significant long-lived greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution anthropogenic emissions – primarily from use of fossil fuels and deforestation – have rapidly increased its concentration in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. Carbon dioxide also causes ocean acidification because it dissolves in water to form carbonic acid.
    Source: Wikipedia (Anglès)
  • E338 - Àcid fosfòric

    Phosphoric acid: Phosphoric acid -also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoricV acid- is a weak acid with the chemical formula H3PO4. Orthophosphoric acid refers to phosphoric acid, which is the IUPAC name for this compound. The prefix ortho- is used to distinguish the acid from related phosphoric acids, called polyphosphoric acids. Orthophosphoric acid is a non-toxic acid, which, when pure, is a solid at room temperature and pressure. The conjugate base of phosphoric acid is the dihydrogen phosphate ion, H2PO−4, which in turn has a conjugate base of hydrogen phosphate, HPO2−4, which has a conjugate base of phosphate, PO3−4. Phosphates are essential for life.The most common source of phosphoric acid is an 85% aqueous solution; such solutions are colourless, odourless, and non-volatile. The 85% solution is a syrupy liquid, but still pourable. Although phosphoric acid does not meet the strict definition of a strong acid, the 85% solution is acidic enough to be corrosive. Because of the high percentage of phosphoric acid in this reagent, at least some of the orthophosphoric acid is condensed into polyphosphoric acids; for the sake of labeling and simplicity, the 85% represents H3PO4 as if it were all in the ortho form. Dilute aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid exist in the ortho form.
    Source: Wikipedia (Anglès)

Anàlisi dels ingredients

The analysis is based solely on the ingredients listed and does not take into account processing methods.
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    Details of the analysis of the ingredients

    water, fructose-glucose syrup, carbon dioxide, colorant (e150d), acid (phosphoric acid), natural flavourings (including caffeine)
    1. water -> en:water - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 16.6666666666667 - percent_max: 100
    2. fructose-glucose syrup -> en:glucose-fructose-syrup - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 50
    3. carbon dioxide -> en:e290 - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 33.3333333333333
    4. colorant -> en:colour - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 25
      1. e150d -> en:e150d - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 25
    5. acid -> en:acid - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 20
      1. phosphoric acid -> en:e338 - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 20
    6. natural flavourings -> en:natural-flavouring - vegan: maybe - vegetarian: maybe - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 16.6666666666667
      1. including caffeine -> en:caffeine - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 16.6666666666667


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    Bad nutritional quality

    ⚠️ Warning: the amount of fruits, vegetables and nuts is not specified on the label, it was estimated from the list of ingredients: 0

    This product is considered a beverage for the calculation of the Nutri-Score.

    Positive points: 0

    • Proteïnes: 0 / 5 (valor: 0, rounded value: 0)
    • Fiber: 0 / 5 (valor: 0, rounded value: 0)
    • Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and colza/walnut/olive oils: 0 / 10 (valor: 0, rounded value: 0)

    Negative points: 14

    • Energia: 6 / 10 (valor: 180, rounded value: 180)
    • Sucres: 8 / 10 (valor: 10.6, rounded value: 10.6)
    • Greixos saturats: 0 / 10 (valor: 0, rounded value: 0)
    • Sodi: 0 / 10 (valor: 0, rounded value: 0)

    The points for proteins are not counted because the negative points are greater or equal to 11.

    Score nutritionnel: 14 (14 - 0)

    Nutri-Score: E

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    Sucre en alta quantitat (10.6%)

    Què us cal saber
    • Un alt consum de sucre pot provocar augment de pes i càries dental. També augmenta el risc de patir diabetis tipus 2 i malalties cardiovasculars.

    Recomanació: Limitau el consum de sucre i de begudes ensucrades
    • Les begudes ensucrades (com ara refrescos, begudes de fruites i sucs i nèctars de fruites) s'han de limitar tant com sigui possible (no més d'1 got al dia).
    • Triau productes amb menor contingut de sucre i reduïu el consum de productes amb sucres afegits.
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    Sal comuna en baixa quantitat (0%)

    Què us cal saber
    • Un alt consum de sal (o sodi) pot provocar un augment de la pressió arterial, que pot augmentar el risc de patir malalties del cor i ictus.
    • Moltes persones que tenen hipertensió no ho saben, ja que sovint no en tenen símptomes.
    • La majoria de la gent consumeix massa sal (de 9 a 12 grams de mitjana al dia), al voltant del doble del nivell màxim d'ingesta recomanat.

    Recomanació: Limitau la ingesta de sal i d'aliments rics en sal
    • Reduïu la sal que emprau quan cuinau, i no afegiu sal a taula.
    • Limiteu el consum d'aperitius salats i trieu productes amb menor contingut de sal.

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    Informació nutricional

    Informació nutricional Com es ven
    per 100 g/100 ml
    Com es ven
    per porció (250 ml)
    Compared to: Cola
    Energia 180 kj
    (42 kcal)
    450 kj
    (105 kcal)
    Greix 0 g 0 g
    Àcid gras saturat 0 g 0 g
    Carbohydrates 10,6 g 26,5 g +272%
    Sucre 10,6 g 26,5 g +280%
    Fiber ? ?
    Proteïna 0 g 0 g -100%
    Sal comuna 0 g 0 g -100%
    Fruits‚ vegetables‚ nuts and rapeseed‚ walnut and olive oils (estimate from ingredients list analysis) 0 % 0 %
Mida de la porció: 250 ml




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