E129 - Vermell Allure 2C

Additiu: E129 - Vermell Allure 2C

Functions: Color

Allura Red AC is a red azo dye that goes by several names, including FD&C Red 40. It is used as a food dye and has the E number E129. It is usually supplied as its red sodium salt, but can also be used as the calcium and potassium salts. These salts are soluble in water. In solution, its maximum absorbance lies at about 504 nm. - Wikipedia

Risc de sobreexposició

Avaluació de l’EFSA: Refined exposure assessment for Allura Red AC -E 129- (2015/02/13)

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has determined that no population groups has more than 5% of members at risk of consuming more than the acceptable daily intake of E129 - Vermell Allure 2C.

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Noms: Rouge allura AC, Rouge Allura, Rouge alimentaire 17, FD&C Rouge 40, Allura Red, Food Red 17, C.I. 16035, FD&C Red 40, Red 40 lake, Red 40, 2-naphthalenesulfonic acid disodium salt, Allura Red AC

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